Scheduling and control
The test plan includes the definition of the objectives of testing and specification of test activities that enable it to achieve its objectives and thus meet its “mission”.
The control of the test is the continuous phase of the comparison between the planning and the state of progress, that is to document the current state highlighting deviations than planned.

Analysis and design
The analysis and the design of the test is the activity in which the objectives are transformed into appropriate ‘test conditions’ and ‘test cases’.

Implementation and execution
The implementation and enforcement are the activities in which the ‘test procedures’ and any scripts, are specified by combining the ‘test cases’ in a particular order and including any other information necessary for the performance: the environment test is set up and configured, and the test cases are executed.

Evaluation of exit criteria and reporting of results
The evaluation of the exit criteria is the activity where test execution is assessed against the defined objectives. This activity should be conducted for each test level.

Activities conclusion of the tests
The activities of the conclusion of the test collect the data generated by the assets test completed to consolidate the experience, testware, facts and numbers. Closure of the tests are carried out when a software system is released, a test project is completed (or canceled), a milestone has been reached or a maintenance release has been completed.

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