The potential benefits in the use of testing tools include:

  • repetitive work is reduced (regression testing);
  • greater consistency and repeatability;
  • an objective assessment (static measurements, coverage);
  • greater ease of access to information relating to the test or the test (statistics and graphs on the progress of testing, performance, and frequency of accidents).

The potential risks in the use of testing tools include:

  • unrealistic expectations about the characteristics of the instrument;
  • underestimation of the time, cost and labor for the initial introduction of an instrument;
  • underestimation of the time and effort required to achieve significant and sustained benefits from the instrument;
  • Underestimation of the work required to maintain configurations and outputs generated by the instrument;
  • Excessive confidence in the instrument;
  • Risk that the instrument’s supplier goes out of business or withdraw the instrument;
  • Lacking support of the provider, in the release of improvements and correcting errors.
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