The testing tools can be used for one or more activities in support of testing. They include:

  • instruments that are directly used in testing, as tools for test execution, evidence of generation of test data, comparison of test results;
  • instruments that support the management of the testing process, such as those used to manage directly the test, its data, requirements, incidents, defects, etc., and for the reporting and monitoring of their implementation;
  • instruments that are used in exploration (eg, tools that monitor the activities of a file for an application);
  • any other tool that supports the testing (including a spreadsheet).

The term test framework is often used in IT, with at least three meanings:

  • reusable and extensible testing Libraries that can be used to build test instruments (called test harness);
  • a type of design automation of the testing (for example, data-driven, keyword-driven);
  • the overall process of testing.
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