The estimate of testing can be approached in two ways:

  • metric-based approach: it consists in estimating the effort of testing based on metrics of similar projects or based on typical values.
  • experience-based approach: it consists in estimating the assets by the head of them or by experts.

Once the testing effort was estimated, resources can be identified and a schedule can be drawn up.
The testing effort may depend on a number of factors, among which we can mention the characteristics of the product, the characteristics of the development process, the result of the testing.

The planning of testing can be documented in a project test plan or master test plan.
Planning of testing is influenced by the testing policy of the organization, by the scope of testing, by the objectives, by the risks involved, by the constraints, by the criticality, by testability and by the availability of resources.
The planning includes the entry criteria defining when to start testing, the exit criteria defining when to stop testing and the implementation of testing strategy for a specific project.

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