The System Testing verify the correct execution of the entire application, including interfaces with other applications.
As a rule, system testing takes, as its input, all of the “integrated” software components that have passed integration testing.

It provides several specific tests:

  • Functional Test: check that all functions are properly completed in a scenario similar to that of the end users.
  • Usability Testing: check the ease of use and understandability of the application from the end users.
  • Performance Test: check the performance of the product such as response time and resource usage (memory, transmission lines, databases, other components).
  • Reliability Test: check the reliability of the product when it is explicitly requested. The reliability is defined as the ability of the product to operate for an entire period of time (8 working hours, or H24/7×7) without being detected any defect that disrupts the operation.
  • Stress/Load Test: check the product’s ability to sustain a given workload.
  • Security Test: check of the level of security provided by the system.
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