KIF, Keep It Functional, is an iOS integration test environment. It allows easy automation of iOS applications, taking advantage of the attributes of accessibility that the operating system provides to people with visual impairments.
KIF builds and tests using XCTest, a standard test target. The testing is conducted synchronously in the main thread allowing for greater complexity and logic of composition.

context(@"in saved AdPage", ^{
   it(@"remove saved ad by action button in row", ^{
      tap(@"Search") _then
      wait_default_time _then
      tap_item_in_collection_view(SBTResultsCollectionView, 2) _then
      wait_view(adTitle_app) _then
      tap(SBTSaveAdButton) _then
      tap(@"Favourites") _then
      wait_default_time _then
      tap(@"Modify") _then
      wait_default_time _then
      tap(SBTSavedAdCellRemoveAdButton) _then
      wait_default_time _then
      wait_absence_of_view(adTitle_app) _end

…where tap, wait, tap_item_in_collection_view, wait_absence_of_view are described here:

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