To run your tests on Safari browser need to download selenium-safari-driver-last_version.jar

Selenium Grid Node start with:

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-last_version.jar -role node -nodeConfig nodeconfig.json -Dwebdriver.safari.driver=selenium-safari-driver-last_version.jar

Set nodeconfig.json:

        "proxy": "org.openqa.grid.selenium.proxy.DefaultRemoteProxy",
        "maxSession": 5,
        "port": 4448,
        "register": true,
        "registerCycle": 5000,
        "hubPort": 4444
        "hubHost": "ip_hub"


How to add the WebDriver extension to Safari (Safari extz)

You have to unpack the selenium-safari-driver.jar in selenium folder, copy the files SafariDriver.safariextz downloaded selenium-safari-extension and double click on it.
At this point you will open the extensions preferences safari and you will see the active and installed WebDriver.

Happy testing on Safari!;)

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