Relish helps your team get the most from Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). Publish, browse, search, and organize your Cucumber features on the web.

Relish’s benefits are:

  • Documentation that works – Gorgeous, trustworthy, living documentation from your executable Cucumber or Specflow features.
  • Find anything fast – Fast, comprehensive search index of all your projects’ documentation.
  • Safe and sound – Private projects, SSL as standard.
  • Read it how you like – Print it, create a beautiful PDF* or browse on the web.
  • See the bigger picture – Organize your acceptance tests to read like a traditional specification document. Customise navigation. Add markdown pages.
  • Stay up to date – Track progress with RSS or email summaries of changes*.

*coming soon

Relish Site

Relish Pro – plans and pricing


Relish Quick Start Guide
Publishing is done from the command-line, using the relish gem.
Install the gem:
gem install relish

Create a project:
relish projects:add my-best-project

or, if you want a private project:
relish projects:add my-secret-project:private

Write some documentation, by adding some markdown or Cucumber feature files in the features directory.
Push the documentation to Relish:
relish push my-best-project

Go and admire your features at`username`/my-best-project


Available Commands

collab # list the collaborators for a project

collab:add : # add a collaborator to a project – example: relish

collab:add rspec/rspec-core:justin

collab:remove : # remove a collaborator from a project – example: relish
collab:remove rspec/rspec-core:justin

config # display the contents of your options file


help # show this usage

projects # list your projects

projects:add / # add a project – append :private to make the project private – example: relish projects:add rspec/rspec-core:private

projects:remove # remove a project

projects:visibility : # set the status of a project – example: relish projects:visibility rspec/rspec-core:private

projects:rename : # rename a project’s handle – example: relish projects:rename rspec/rspec-core:rspec-corez

push : [path ] # push features to a project – is optional – is optional (defaults to ./features) – example: relish push rspec/rspec-core – example: relish push rspec/rspec-core:2.0

push:publisher # push markdown files to a publisher – example: relish push:publisher rspec

versions # list the versions for a project

versions:add : # add a version to a project – example: relish versions:add rspec/rspec-core:2.0

versions:remove : # remove a version from a project – example: relish versions:remove rspec/rspec-core:2.0

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