Abstract: This blog was created in 2012 to share the “testing” with enthusiasts testing 🙂 After losing everything, now he returns with the restoration of old articles and other news.

I am a tester or quality assurance of software with a continuously growing expertise gained from self-teaching and research on top of a solid academic foundation. I do my best implementing the best practices of test design for automatic and manual. I also understand the importance of user experience when it comes to mobile applications and web. I do my job with passion and strive to expand my skill set. I have a cooperative attitude, and always provides my skills when I am asked for help. I’m very active on the forums of testing and I do not miss opportunities to attend conferences held my interest. This blog borns because I want share my knowledges and for who want know something new about testing, processes, agile methodologies and more.

Everything that is written by me in this blog site is the result of my work experience, my knowledge, or from external pages that will obviously be mentioned.

I love testing and my pinscher ;D